There was a general atmosphere of excitement from the Year 12 students as they reunited with their friends and resumed all their classes in person this week. We praise them for the way they remained focused on their exams and classwork and the general pride shown in their presentation. Despite this year not being as the students imagined we are encouraged by the positivity and the way they are making the most of their senior year (final year of schooling).

Over the past few weeks, the Year 12 students have met online or in person to plan and prepare for key events and ways to bring up morale in the students that look up to them. This week the leaders initiated socially distance fitness activities, Bible studies and sessions to plan the end of year events and fundraisers. Additionally to extra curricula involvement many Year 12 students sat their exams this week and celebrated their perseverance in studying through their time off campus.

We are thankful for the support of the Year 12 families nurturing and guiding them in their final year of schooling.

Rachel Flower
Head of Students – Senior Phase