The Year 1 students have been busy learning in their new learning environments, at home and at school. From week 2 students learning at home have been integrated into learning at school during some lessons, which has been a great success. Students at home have enjoyed connecting with their teachers online also. We have particularly been working hard in Literacy and working towards a special something for Mother’s Day coming up soon.

In Literacy this term, Year 1 are exploring fractured fairy tales. The students have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They have learned all about the characters and the setting and are thinking about creative ways that they could change part of a story to make it different from the original. The Year 1 students have come up with some great suggestions, including Little Red Riding Hood walking along the beach to Grandmother’s house and meeting a shark, instead of a wolf.

Students have also been preparing for Mother’s Day coming up next week, Sunday, May 10. This week they have begun painting the wrapping paper for their gift for Mum. They have enjoyed being creative with watercolours to create a design Mum would love to receive. We are looking forward to sending some special items home next week to say thank you to all our Mums.

Overall, it has been a positive start to Term 2 and Year 1 are looking forward to the exciting term that is ahead.

Please view some images by clicking through the gallery below.

Claire O’Brien
Year 1 Coordinator