It has been great to see Intermediate Phase classes engaging in their core subjects and enthusiastically completing activities such as Art lessons and scientific experiments. These activities have also been made available through our online platform, Learner.Link, for off-campus students.

In Intermediate Phase, we have many students working from home and we are looking forward to seeing back on campus as of Monday, 25 May. The Home Readers program will resume in Week 6, with individual reading books going home with students each day. We will be implementing measures to minimise the spread of germs as books transition between home and school. If you are interested in assisting us by becoming a Home Reader volunteer, please contact the College.

We are still adhering to social distancing expectations with students’ desks being adjusted in classrooms and friendly reminders being given to students to regularly wash their hands. Chapels and Assemblies are continually taking place in individual classroom settings where students receive awards for their efforts. A video of these weekly awards can be found on your child’s Home Class section in Learner Link. Students on campus have received their hard copy awards and students off-campus have been sent their awards via email.

We appreciate your ongoing support and value staying in communication with you and your family. Please advise us if your child’s learning mode needs to be updated by emailing the college at

Steve Jeffrey
Head of Intermediate Phase