This week, in Foundation Phase, students have continued to settle into their classroom routines as they participated in engaging lessons. Home readers have started again and it has been encouraging to see the students complete their reading each night and return their home readers. Next week we are looking forward to opening up the library and having classes visit for their library lessons. Students will be allowed to start borrowing books again and we will ensure that the covers of books are wiped down upon return.

Although we have not met again for chapel, at assembly, students have still received their weekly awards. Please find this week’s awards video on your child’s home page on Learner.Link. Students who are working on campus have received their hard copy awards and those who are working at home have been sent their award via email.

We appreciate your ongoing support and value staying in communication with you and your family. Please advise us if you or your students learning mode needs to be changed or updated by emailing the college at

Jessica Jones
Head of Foundation Phase


Ref: 28642SJ