The Prep eating area is a buzz of excitement many times throughout the day. Firstly, at Munch and Crunch students are encouraged to eat one piece of fruit or vegetable for a light snack and ‘energy lift’, to continue with their learning. Next, at lunch they will eat sandwiches, wraps, rice, and other filling foods. Students are encouraged to eat quietly to ensure they are eating enough food throughout the day and then have time to play. At afternoon tea, students choose from the remaining snacks left in their lunchboxes. If they wish to eat further, they are able to sit close to a play area to ensure continued supervision. Parents are encouraged not to over pack lunchboxes, knowing your child’s appetite can depend on how much food is sent to school. Four to five healthy food choices is a good estimate for most students.

Prep is very blessed to have five amazing play areas that students have choice of during the afternoon tea break. These include two nature play areas, where students are encouraged to use their imagination and engage with natural materials. Our Sensory play space consists of a large sand pit, as well as plants of varying textures and fragrances. The two large play gym spaces allow students to practise and strengthen their gross motor skills.

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Hannah Clements
Prep Coordinator