The following is applicable for Prep – Year 12 Day School families.

In this time of global uncertainty, all of us have been impacted, but in varying degrees.

As a school we are impacted, needing to make arrangements for different learning methodologies.  Our cost base is largely the same, but as parents capacity to pay fees is impacted, so too our income is impacted.  We want to continue to support you in coming months to provide you with the best education we can, and to ease the financial burden on you as best we can.

To that end, the following decisions have been taken with respect to fees.

  • From the commencement of Term 2, the fees applicable to your child/children will be discounted by 20% for the remainder of 2020.
  • Where fees have been paid in advance a proportionate credit will automatically be applied to future fees.
  • Where your circumstances require additional support, we urge you to contact our Fees Advisor, Mrs Barbara Davison via email at to discuss your situation.

We are all in this together and if we work together now, my hope, prayer and expectation is that we will all come out of it with a clearer view of the things in this world that are really important.  Thank you in advance for your ongoing understanding of our collective circumstances and your ongoing support of us in our efforts to serve you.

Vanessa Osborne
Head of College