Upcoming Exams
Whilst there are many sources of information in the media, at this stage schools will remain open and running as normal as possible, including exams. Here at Groves we are committed quality education.

Day School Students
Exam block and in class exams will continue as normal for all of our students. You are required to sit your exams at the scheduled time indicated.
Exams will be delivered in the MPC. Students will be spaced out and no more than 100 students sitting an exam at any one time.
Distance Education Students
DE students have already registered on the Academic Hub on Learner.Link for Term 1 Exams. You are required to sit your exams at the scheduled time indicated either on-campus or with a suitable invigilator. Any deviation of this exam schedule must be approved by rene.nieuwoudt@groves.qld.edu.au

If your child is absent over the exam period you might fall into these categories:
a) Your child is unwell – obtain a medical certificate and fill out the Assessment Extension Request Form found on the Academic Hub in Assessment Policy Links
b) You have decided to keep your child home as a precautionary measure – Contact the College (3380 5800) to make specific arrangements for completing the exam on site.
NOTE: This must be done at least 2 days prior to the exam date.
Please read the Secondary Assessment Policy for more information.

Secondary Assessment Policy

Katie Rofeta
Head of Secondary

Ref: 27528RN