In Year 7 Mathematics, we have been exploring whole numbers and mental strategies for solving problems without a calculator. Learning activities have included book work, group collaboration and Mathletics tasks. Students are introduced to new content, guided through methods for completing problems, then are allowed to practice solving problems on their own. Students generally work well in class and each student has seen the results of the effort put in, following the mid-term problem solving test.

This term in Year 7 HASS, we have been looking at an overview of Ancient History, particularly the role of historians and archaeologists. We have looked at the differences and similarities between the two roles, looking in depth at the questions an archaeologist asks, the different jobs an archaeologist does and the sources (primary or secondary) historians and archaeologists work with. We have begun to look at how time is organised, both on a timeline and historically, looked at theories and evidence that might support and not support it, as well as identifying points of view in historical sources.
Students in 7 Science, have been exploring ecosystems and the various animals that live in different environments. We have created a food web of the organisms that are in our backyard and this week have delved into the levels of classification. Year 7 students raced against each other to complete a dichotomous key. We have also introduced laboratory equipment with a “Guess That Thing!” activity where groups have to try and name the piece of laboratory equipment shown by the teacher.

Last Friday, students were involved in an alternate program for Anti-bullying Day. The English rotation was used to have class discussions about respect for others and what respectful communities look like. Students then created posters to promote respectful communities. It was wonderful to see all students engaging and working together.

Alyssa Burns
Year 7 Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Ref: 27484DM