On Thursday, March 12, the Year 3 students experienced informative and practical lessons as they attended hands on workshops with a tour guide at the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. The students were surrounded by the Lord’s creation and experienced first-hand the miracles of nature. The lagoon was a favourite for most of the students as they were able to identify different species of birds, turtles and even saw a few eels.

3T enjoyed studying non-living and once living things, expanding on their Science unit. 3H found delight in visiting the greenhouse and enjoyed looking for various types of fish in the dome. 3J loved pottering in the soil looking for insects and earthworms. 3R enjoyed walking around the lagoon and looked for turtles, lizards and water dragons. They were excited to find a small snake in the vegetable gardens. The teachers and tour guides were impressed with the knowledge and understanding each student brought to the discussions. The Year 3 students are to be commended on their positive and responsible behaviour. This was evident on the excursion, whilst walking through the parklands and also on the bus rides to and from the Botanical Gardens.

Thank you to the parents who gave up their time to assist in creating precious and meaningful memories for the students. Your love and support created a positive and unified setting for the Year 3 students.

Please view some images by clicking through the gallery below.

Arnold Reddell
Year 3R Teacher