Education offers a strong bridge for Queensland and overseas visitors by hosting international students and tour groups, teaching about multiculturalism, and allowing our own students to see diverse regions of the world. Over the years, Groves has been blessed to have many international students visit us and study at our College and have our own students travel to other schools. These students have enjoyed their experiences, getting to know students and staff while exploring cultures and countries outside their own.

A very small number of our Chinese international students have had their studies affected by COVID-19 and have yet to return to Australia. As a College, we have been following the guidelines set by the Department of Health to maintain plans that support our entire school community. Through offering care and support, we have made every effort to ensure all students who are personally impacted are well-looked after. We have considered flexible arrangements for them, including access to our online courses, and applied isolation advice.

Due to COVID-19, all of our study tour groups for Term 1 have been cancelled. While international travellers will not be interacting with our community at this time, international partnerships are instead being considered for the future by working with Australia-based contacts and agents, discussing how Groves can form future partnerships. This may include some group visits from local agents who are seeking schools that can offer flexible study plans and safe, understanding communities. Once this global scenario subsides and community health advice agrees, we look forward to welcoming new international students to our school and continuing relationships with our existing partnership schools across the globe.

James van Gelderen
Director of International Schooling