The Year 1 students are looking forward to learning more about insects during the upcoming BugsEd incursion on Monday of Week 6. During this incursion, each class will have the opportunity to discover many insects and analyse their body parts. They will be involved in group discussions about different insects and how they protect themselves from predators. After their observations and discussions, the students will have the opportunity to hold live insects. At the end, each student will create their own amazing bugs using a range of craft items.

Following the day, Year 1 students will each be given a mealworm to take home and care for. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to observe the changes in the insect over time. We encourage Year 1 families to participate in this at home activity and support students in sharing their observations and experiences with their class.

We’re looking forward to a fun and educational day!

Claire O’Brien
Year One Coordinator

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