The first few weeks of Prep have been full of excitement and learning. The learning has not just been academic, like letters and numbers, but learning routines, following step-by-step instructions and exploring a new environment, play spaces and forming friendships.

In Literacy, the students have been learning a different letter sound each day, as well as practising letter formation and reading comprehension tasks. Through Mathematics students have explored numbers zero to five by observing different groups of objects. They have been cloud-gazing to observe different types of weather in Science and drawing different weather symbols to depict these weather events. In History, students have begun observing different families as each student brings in their family photo.

Students would have received their home readers and flash word books this week. Home readers are to be read and flash words practised at home each day. Parents are encouraged to practise flash words through fun and engaging activities like forming words using playdough, paint words with water on the fence or write them with chalk on the pavement.

Please view some images by clicking through the gallery below.

Hannah Clements
Prep Coordinator