Middle Phase Reading Program

We need students in the Middle Phase reading more books. To help achieve this we have rearranged the secondary library to make room for many books targeted at the early teen years. To help encourage the students and monitor progress we have also invested in Accelerated Reader that students will be able to complete follow up activities and track their reading progress. We have also invested in an online reading service to enable Distance Education students to access more reading material.

Diploma level course in Business now available in our Senior Phase

One of the many advantages of having our own RTO (registered Training Organisation) is that our students can study nationally recognised courses as part of the senior schooling pathway. We are pleased to now be able offer a diploma level course in business. Students who complete a diploma and/or Certificate 3 courses with us also enjoy the benefit of being able to use these courses to gain entry to a range of universities in addition to their ATAR subjects.

Secondary Home Class Renewal

This year we have renewed the secondary home classes to cater for the additional students. The home classes provide another opportunity for the students to be connected at a pastoral care level. Our secondary home classes have either boys or girls from Year 7 to Year 12 in them with a home class teacher and one or two of our secondary school student prefects. Be sure to meet your home class teacher on orientation day.

New Campus 2 Performing Arts Centre to be built this year

I thank our local Member for Parliament, Cameron Dick, for taking the time to advise me personally about the State contribution. Now that we have notification of State and Commonwealth funding contributions that will pay for our Performing Arts Centre, we will tender the plans to secure a builder.

We hope to see the building completed for the start of 2021.

The new facility will add a great deal of educational value to our flourishing arts program. It will also enable us to have a larger venue to host our termly DE workshops. We will share more detail during the year.

New Secondary Building

In addition to the Performing Arts Centre, we were blessed to also gain State and Commonwealth funding contributions towards our new four storey Secondary School building. This building will commence construction towards the end of the year. We will share more detail during the year.

Musical Rehearsals – The Little Mermaid

This year it is time for our next Secondary School musical. Auditions will be advertised soon. Following the great success of Mary Poppins in 2018, we are looking forward to another fantastic production. Those students interested in being part of the musical need to understand the commitment involved. I encourage you to speak to your children about the musical. While the musical takes commitment, it is more about organisation. In our last secondary musical, many of the Year 12s who had various on stage and behind the scene roles (including the lead roles) achieved very high ATAR (university entry scores) proving that involvement in the musical can sharpen student focus to achieve both their study and the musical.

We also need volunteers for costumes and prop making.

Break time realignment

To enable more time for sports, musical practice and clubs, and study senior study sessions we have rearranged our break times in the secondary school so that some days are shorter, and some days are longer. Benefits will include students having time to eat lunch before sports and students being able to participate in extra-curriculum activities without missing out on lessons.

Allan Weir
Executive Principal