Our school policy is that students displaying flu like symptoms need to be cared for at home, rather than being sent to school. Therefore, we ask anyone with flu like symptoms to remain away from school.

In this specific case of the Novel coronavirus – 2019-nCov, we ask anyone who has travelled internationally in the last few weeks, to take special care around any flu like symptoms. Anyone who has travelled to the particular Chinese areas affected by the virus (Wuhan or the Provence of Hubei) needs to consult their health provider without any delay. In addition, Queensland Health have advised that returned travellers who have visited China, including Hong Kong, should not attend school, childcare or TAFE for 14 days after leaving China, including Hong Kong.

At Groves, we will be following the latest update and advice from QLD Health issued 29/1/2020 and monitoring all students whom we know have travelled recently. In coming weeks we will have visiting international schools. Sadly, for the students involved, all school trips from China have been cancelled due to the health concerns in China. Health authorities are monitoring the situation and we will respond as required.

Queensland Health Important Update for education services
Department of Health Information for GPs
Chief Medical Officer Statement

Nerina Callaghan
Community Services Manager