Building on the foundational work of Jane and others in terms of connecting students with study, jobs and training after Year 12, part of our strategic improvement plan in 2020, is to further develop opportunities for our students to engage in careers. This is timely as we are now fully operational with the new Queensland syllabus and we live at a time when the Australian workforce is continuing to experience the effects of globalisation and technological advancements. Please note:

  • Mr James van Gelderen’s new role includes establishing and maintaining career partnerships with businesses, government agencies, not-for-profit organisations to foster increased opportunities for work experience, traineeships and sharing clear information to the students of what employees are looking for by inviting career partners to speak to our students.
  • Head of Senior Phase Teaching and Learning – Mrs Rene Nieuwoudt and the Workforce Ready Pathway Training Manager – Mrs Wera Smith, will meet with students to establish and monitor each student’s educational and training plan.
  • Additional career consultants will visit the College to engage the students in proven meaningful ways to understand the reality of their need to have a transition to work plan.
  • Students seeking career advice should make an appointment with Head of Senior Phase Teaching and Learning – Mrs Rene Nieuwoudt through the Student Services desk.

Allan Weir
Executive Principal