Car parking is difficult at most schools in the morning and afternoon. In recent years I have shared with you our plan to purchase houses in Laughlin Street to extend our facilities. Following one further purchase late last year we asked our architects to design a new car park and drop off zone along Laughlin Street. With our plans finalised we will now submit a funding application to seek State and Commonwealth grants to help pay for these new facilities.

Gaining grants is a time-consuming process but one that is worth it in terms of gaining infrastructure funding rather than having to use money better spent of teaching and learning. From experience it will most likely be towards the end of 2021 until we have our new car park built. In the meantime, our large temporary car park provides ample parking in the morning and afternoon. Please consider using the Gate 1 car park if you are planning to get out of the car and walk into the school with your children. Most afternoons the Gate 1 car park has emptied of traffic while the Gate 2 area remains congested.

Allan Weir
Executive Principal