We are blessed to have an effective and diligent leadership team. Each year we consider the needs of the College and consider how our leadership team can achieve the best outcomes for our learning community. To help achieve our next stage of development our leadership structure for 2020 has several new roles along with our regular Head positions.

In 2020 I will be undertaking further strategic development work at Groves and across our school group in the new position of Executive Principal. Our school group CCM (Christian Community Ministries), now educates over 5000 students in 12 schools from Cooktown in North Queensland to Busselton in Western Australia. The strength and opportunities from being in the school group has enabled Groves to advance to where we are today, but our growth has now reached a point where further strategic leadership is required.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce Mrs Vanessa Osborne will serve as the Head of College in 2020. Vanessa is a well-known leader in our learning community having served in various roles since joining Groves including class teacher, special needs teacher, Head of Foundation Phase, Head of Primary School, and most recently Head of Quality Schooling. Vanessa, as the Head of College, will undertake the principal duties for 2020. Vanessa will lead an experienced leadership team all of whom are existing Groves Christian College leaders who understand our culture and share a passion to see our students succeed.


Head of College – Mrs Vanessa Osborne [Executive Principal – Mr Allan Weir]

  • Head of Quality Schooling – Mrs Susan Hindle [Please note – Mrs Susan Hindle (who usually serves in the role of Head of Primary School) is focusing on quality teaching and learning projects in 2020 to strengthen our College K-12 as part of our ongoing strategic improvement commitment.]
  • Director of Distance Education – Mrs Esther Pratt
  • Director of the Early Learning Centre – Miss Melinda Davis
  • Director of Arts – Miss Kialyn Wassenberg
  • Director of International Schooling and Career Partnerships –  Mr James van Gelderen

Primary School

Head of Primary School – Mrs Ash Milburn

  • Head of Foundation Phase – Mrs Jessica Jones
  • Head of Intermediate Phase – Mr Steve Jeffrey

Secondary School

Head of Secondary School – Mrs Katie Rofeta

Senior Phase

  • Head of Senior Phase Students – Miss Rachel Flower
  • Head of Senior Phase Teaching and Learning – Mrs Rene Nieuwoudt
  • Workforce Ready Pathway Training Manager – Mrs Wera Smith

Middle Phase

  • Head of Middle Phase Students – Mr Anthony Landbeck
  • Head of Middle Phase Teaching and Learning – Mr Dan McComber

Please note – Mr James van Gelderen who has served in the role of Head of Secondary School for the past few years is undertaking a new role as the Director of International Schooling and Career Partnerships in 2020 to maximise the opportunities for our students as part of our ongoing strategic improvement commitment.

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services is that section of the College that includes the various services that we need to enable the school to function.

Head of Auxiliary Services – Mr Brian Davison

  • Community Services Manager – Mrs Nerina Callaghan
  • Library & Secondary Student Services Manager – Miss Laurie Hewitt
  • Facilities Manager – Mr Simon Moir

Allan Weir
Executive Principal