In Week 8, on Friday, students and staff gathered for their final Foundation Chapel of the year. Our birthday students were celebrated and the Groovy Grovers team led us in praise and worship. We completed our term series on the ‘Life of Esther’ where Haman was punished for his actions, Mordecai was honoured by King Xerxes and the Jews won the war as they were allowed to defend themselves when the enemy attacked. Queen Esther was brave and obedient to God and consequently, her people, the Jews, were saved. Foundation Phase students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Word of God where they have been encouraged to be inquisitive to understand the Bible on a deeper level. The students have developed a love of memorising scriptures and also learned to locate the verses from the Bible.

On Monday of Week 9, Foundation students received their ‘Student of the Week’ and ‘Encouragement Award’ certificates for their learning progress over the week. Prep T was awarded the ‘Class of the Week’ and the Mathletics trophy was presented to Prep P. Some students received a special award from Mrs Hindle for achieving 250 points in their Affirmation Program, demonstrating a learner who is ‘Responsible, Respectful, Resilient and Resourceful’ (4Rs). Our Head of College, Mr Weir handed out Gold Award certificates to students who displayed an excellent semester of exceptional behaviour through the 4Rs. Mr Weir encouraged all students to keep up their reading routine during the school holidays and to spend time playing outdoors as a healthy lifestyle which can positively impact the mental wellbeing of students.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase