On Friday, November 30, the Year 9 Dance and Drama students completed their year long course by attending the ‘Behind the Stage’ tour at QPAC.

Due to the musical and orchestral rehearsals, they were able to have a focused look at the two smaller theatres. Eye brows were raised as they looked in wonder at what it takes to bump in, set up and bump out a professional theatre production. They witnessed sound being set for an upcoming Shake and Stir production, hear about the technical and design aspects, and see a production being ‘bumped in.’ A highlight was going to the wardrobe room where costumes are washed daily and fixed due to the vigour of dancing and singing to such a large audience.

Thank you QPAC for a wonderful day exploring what is behind the doors and through the corridors of a building that does not sleep!

It’s been a pleasure seeing the Year 9 Dance and Drama group significantly grow and develop over year. Studying the performing arts has improved their problem solving skills, in the moment decision making and confidence.

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts