At Groves, we encourage the students to be mindful of others and to give back to their local community. One way our Year 9 students have done that this term is by creating plush toy monsters designed by our very own Kindy children. The Kindy children coloured and drew their monster outlining what the monsters favourite colour is, thing to do, etc at the beginning of the term. The Year 9 Fashion students then received a copy of the drawing and information to help inspire them to create a toy to give back to the children. It all culminated at the end of the term with the Kindy children walking up to the Café where the gifts were exchanged. The Year 9 Food Technology students also spent the term researching and designing healthy snacks and catered the morning tea event. The time together was such a reward for all their hard work throughout the term.

Please enjoy the gallery of photos.

Tamara Hunter
Secondary Teacher

Ref: 051219NC