Our Year 2 and Year 3 teachers are planning a special Transition Visit for our Year 2 students, to help prepare them to commence as students in the Campus 2 Intermediate Phase in 2020. This visit involves games, tours and orientation to the Campus 2 property and staff team, as the Year 3’s take the role of hosts for their Year 2 guests across this range of activities. Alongside this student Transition Visit, we are also inviting parents of the Year 2 students to an Information Session on Campus 2. The session will also depart Campus 1 with a bus ride to Campus 2, then include a short presentation and tour of Intermediate Phase, with a light morning tea available. Parents may also meet us at Campus 2 if travel by bus is not preferred. We ask that families email groves@groves.qld.edu.au with your RSVP if parents are attending to assist with catering and bus bookings.

Susan Hindle
Head of Primary


Year 2-3 Transition Letter