Scheduled medications, Epipens, Asthma/Ventolin puffers or any other medications such as Panadol, pain killers, antihistamines etc. supplied for your child throughout the year needs to be collected by the last day of school, Thursday, December 5, from your child’s respective First Aid office. This allows you to check that medications are within date, with fresh instructions for the new year.

For campus 2 medications, if they are not collected by 3.45pm on Thursday, December 5, they can be collected from campus 1 from Monday, December 9 – Friday, December 20.

In preparation for 2020, all scheduled medications, puffers, Epipens, pain killers etc. will need to be handed in to the First Aid office at your child’s campus where new Administer Medication Authorisation forms have to be filled out. All of these medications must be labelled by a chemist or pharmacy with your child’s name and dosage. It is advisable that these be dropped off on Orientation Day on Thursday, January 23 so that all of your child’s medical needs are on file ready for their first day of school.

Mel, Anita and Sarah
First Aid & Administration Officers

Ref: 23722NC