With only two weeks remaining of the 2019 school year, please be reminded that tuition fees are expected to be finalised by Friday, November 29, if your youngest child is in Years 10 or 11. Otherwise, final tuition fees are due on or before Thursday, December 5.

In preparation for 2020, please familiarise yourselves with your family Debtor number. It appears at the top of your Fee letter. For families who have selected the upfront payment option, it is important to use your Debtor number as the reference in your electronic transmission of funds.

A discount is available for families who pay their fees upfront for the year in one payment by the due date of Friday, February 7, 2020. Please refer to https://groves.christian.college/useful-information/ for the 2020 Day School Fee Schedule.

Debtor numbers also aid as a reference when making enquiries regarding your college fee account.

Please contact either Barbara Davison or Sharon Aitken should you wish to discuss anything further.

We extend a huge thank you to families who have already cleared their 2019 fee account.

Barbara Davison and Sharon Aitken
Day School Fees Unit

Ref: 23768NC