This week the Year 6 students began their first set of rotations for their Project Based Learning (PBL) activity this term. These rotations have been designed to assist students in their planning and preparation for the Mini Fete occurring towards the end of this term.

With Mrs Biermann, students will have the opportunity to create eye-catching posters and stall decorations to make their Mini Fete stall look the best it can be. With Miss Young, students will be working with money, and practicing how to give correct change back to their customers. Mr Landbeck will be assisting students with their persuasive writing skills, and building the students’ confidence to create a winning argument for their assessment this term. Finally, Miss Murch will be working in the computer lab with the students as they work independently on their Geography booklet, researching an Asian country and comparing it to Australia.

The students have really enjoyed the four rotational activities, and we are looking forward to seeing their progress in their Mini Fete groups in the coming weeks.

Samantha Biermann
Year 6B Teacher