Term 4 is a wonderful time of the school year for us to celebrate the dedication and progress of students in the Arts Program at Groves. There are culminating performances coming up across the College phases, such as a performance at a local retirement village, the Christmas showcase and the many awards celebrations we will share with the community.

This past Monday I enjoyed walking between the active Arts groups who are sharing their gifts and talents while excitedly preparing for these special events. This included the young ladies bringing powerful beats in Drumline, vibrant choirs across all sections and dedicated dancers who regularly give up time to enjoy and develop their talents. I was able to give feedback towards their performance items and reflect on how much they have grown in their teamwork and talents through their commitment to the Arts.

It is truly wonderful to see so many young people in our community give their lunch times and giftings to building a strong team. Their items will bring much enjoyment to the audience, and they are building relationships and skills that will endure well beyond their school journey. If you are interested in connecting your child to an Arts endeavour in 2020, please feel free to contact the Administration closer to Term 1 2020 to enquire about the programs on offer in the new year, or contact me directly at kialyn.wassenberg@groves.qld.edu.au if you have a specific enquiry.

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts