The year is speeding along, and we will soon be celebrating the completion of another year journeying together in the Groves community. At this time schools will already be preparing busily for the new year, and there are some aspects of this planning that might be helpful to inform families of in their own 2020 planning.

Class Preferences
Class groupings in the Primary School are reconfigured every year. This process is guided by the current teachers, who understand the learning arrangements and friendships that support children is their classroom setting. If families have strong preferences for 2020 placements, we ask that these be made known to the classroom teacher for their 2020 class recommendations. If there is a more sensitive request, this can be passed to Groves Administration for forwarding to Primary School leaders. Please understand that teachers will also often change year levels, therefore requests about the qualities of a teacher are more achievable than requests for specific teachers. Class teachers do not presently know who is taking the following year levels, therefore cannot necessarily help allocate children to set teachers.

Prep Enrolments
We are nearing capacity for our 2020 Prep classes. If there are any families yet to secure a place for incoming siblings, we strongly encourage you to contact the school immediately. It is unfortunate when siblings cannot attend Groves due to classes being full, however we are unable to extend our class numbers to accommodate late enrolments, so ask that families avoid this risk by enrolling as early as possible.

2020 Booklists
The 2020 Booklists have been shared last week, through this blog. If families require a printed copy, these can be accessed through the Administration at either campus. Book packs will also be available for early collection in 2020 if covering and decorating of school books is desired, although this is not required and books will still be available for all students on Orientation Day in January of 2020.

We hope that 2019 is concluding well for all members of our Groves community. If you have any questions or concerns about the coming final weeks of 2019, please ensure you contact your class teacher or the appropriate Administration staff for advice.

God bless,

Susan Hindle
Head of Primary