Just looking to flag a deviation from the date in our college calendars for the Intermediate Swimming Carnival, the original date was Thursday, October 17. The revised date for this event will be Friday, November 8. Students will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of swimming activities against peers in their age group. All students are meeting their class teachers at Campus 2 for an 8:20am departure to Bethania Aquatic Centre. Students will need to bring a bottle of water, sunscreen, hat and the correct swimming attire. Students will also have an allocated time to access the tuckshop at the venue. After the competition is completed students will be returned to School by Groves buses for normal pick up routines to occur. Good luck to all of our swimmers and remember to wear your house colours! Parents and families you are welcome to join us at the venue we are working towards a scheduled start at 9:20am. For further information refer to the attached swimming carnival letter.

Steve Jeffrey
Head of Intermediate Phase