We give thanks to God for the fruits of the hard work undertaken in distance education this year by diligent staff, families and students. As we move towards 2020, we are excited to continue to build our distance education school for the benefit of our families and students. Groves Christian College is a leader in the independent school sector in helping families help their students achieve authentic recognised qualifications. Each year we celebrate the very high Queensland Certificate of Education completion rates of our Senior students.

We are committed to making Groves Christian College not only a high quality values based Christian distance education school but an affordable one too. We have kept the fees affordable for those choosing to undertake Distance Education. I am pleased that we continue to make it easier for larger families as we only charge fees for the first two children. Additionally, we offer upfront payment or a payment plan over an agreed schedule. Due to the low cost of our fees, we do require fees to be paid in full, or a payment plan to be in place prior to any service commencing (payment plan dates apply – see 2020 fee schedule).

We have linked the 2020 fee schedule here. Please take time to read through the detail to see how we have worked hard to make it as easy as possible to engage in our program.

Our 2020 DE calendar is at the printers and will be distributed to families at the end of the year. We will once again have the DE Big Day Out, workshops, excursions, and subsidised year level camps (50%) for early bird payments. This will again include our Sydney-Canberra trip for Year 7 students.

Thank you again for your partnership.

God bless,

Esther Pratt
Director of Distance Education