In Week 8, on Monday, Foundation students gathered together in the Undercover area for their weekly Assembly. They were awarded certificates for all their efforts over the past week. The ‘Class of the Week’ award went to Prep P for their engaging peer reading session with the Year 2 students. Benjamin from Prep C received the ‘Servant Leader’ certificate and Archer from 2B was awarded the ‘Reading Hero’ certificate. Students from 2B were presented with the Mathletics trophy for their outstanding participation in online numeracy activities. The problem-skit, acted out by teachers reminded students to choose quiet, fast finisher activities, such as ‘silent reading’ to minimise distraction in the classroom. Lennox from Prep P concluded the Assembly with his teacher, Miss Paton, thanking God for his abundant blessings each day.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase

Ref: 22043SH