Our school has been enriched by the enthusiasm and excellence of several quality choir directors, most recently Miss Hannah Grigg. Following Hannah’s departure to a prestigious choral study opportunity, it is my pleasure to introduce two of our newest team members in the Arts Department at the College. Judith Nix will be overseeing our Primary Choral Programs and Justin Stephenson will be leading the Secondary Choral Program. Both will be assisting with the various events we are a part of in the community and within the College, using their specialisations to offer new Arts opportunities to our students.

Introducing Judith Nix 
My name is Judith Nix and I’m very happy to be joining the Groves community. I have been directing choirs for about 40 years and I just love it! Choirs are all about listening and harmonizing, learning to be confident in front of people and going after excellence, which I think are both the best aspects of teamwork and awesome life skills. I have four grown children, all of whom would tell you positive stories about being in choirs, (even though they were under their mother’s direction). They all went on to be involved in Christian musical theatre and then to worship and prayer ministries. I have been a part of the worship team at my church for 20 years, serving in the roles of leader, pianist and singer. I am currently serving on the production team as a camera operator and I love this too! I look forward to being involved with many of the students at Groves as I begin sharing my love of music with the Preps and continue through the year levels across the college.

Introducing Justin Stephenson 
My name is Justin Stephenson, and I am commencing as the Secondary Choir Director here at Groves Christian College. The Lord God is my constant advisor in all circumstances – I turn to Him for His help and praise His name at every opportunity. I have 25 years experience in directing and leading choirs, with most of this experience coming from leading our church choirs. Over the past twenty years, I have been a professional vocalist, performer, musician, having performed in the music industry here in Australia, but also around the world. I have been married to my wife for 14 years, and we have 2 beautiful children, aged 9 and 7.
Having the opportunity to succeed in life requires hard work, passion and persistence. I pray that this passion can be felt by every student and that each one has the will power to achieve anything they put their mind to, with the Lord’s help!

If families are seeking information about how their child might join some of the choral programs with the college, I encourage them to speak to one of our administration team or email me directly at kialyn.wassenberg@groves.qld.edu.au

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts

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