As the weeks fly by the Year Five camp is quickly approaching! Students will be receiving a final camp briefing delivered by Mrs Jones on Wednesday, September 4, including pictures of the campsite and more details into what is needed, behaviour expectations and camp processes, to help students have clear understanding of the details that will help them enjoy this special event. Parents are also welcome to request a camp itinerary by writing a note in their child’s diary to ask for a copy from the class teacher. We request that any last minute changes or updates to students’ medical information be provided to the office as soon as possible, by phone or email, so we can update the forms for our first aid team.

To ensure a smooth departure on Monday, September 9 for our campsite, please ensure your child is at Campus 2 by 8:15am. Students are able to wear free dress on this day and are encouraged to have the items they want on the bus already out of their bags. Students will return on Wednesday, September 11 at Campus 2 at 3:30pm. Please organise for your child to be picked up at this time, either by family members or a pre-arranged authorised collecting person. Afternoon Groves buses will not be available for these students, as their return time is after the homeward bus service for this day.

Thank you for your continued support for this exciting event in the Year Five calendar. We are looking forward to three brilliant days of activity together!

Jessica Jones
Year 5 Team Leader

Ref: 21985SJ