Year 5 had a fabulous time attending camp down at Lennox Heads in New South Wales! The students participated in problem solving and team building activities such as raft building and canoeing, as well as some more fun and unique experiences for instance horse riding and body boarding. The camp’s theme was ‘resilience’, and each of the teachers were so proud of the way that students overcame adversities and worked together to smash through goals while they were away! The students have had a wonderful time and each have a different favourite part of camp:

  • Denia – “I enjoyed canoeing and body boarding because it needed a bond and skill within your group.”
  • Martha – “I liked canoeing because I was steering, it was a little bit hard because the water was hard to push, but I made it in the end.”
  • Tracy –“I liked the horse riding because at first it was scary, but once I got on the horse it was really fun!”
  • William – “I liked body boarding because it was fun to catch the waves”
  • Kyrah – “My favourite thing on camp was raft building because we all worked as a team and put in the hard work to make things come together.”
  • Xander – “My favourite thing would have been body boarding because we got to ride the waves and it was fun to ride the 30 metres from the ocean all the way back to shore.”
  • Micah – “I really liked when we went canoeing because we learned to work as a team, communicate, and best of all – we did not capsize!”
  • Deryk – “I learned that if you work together, you can achieve anything.”

Cherise Grigg
Year 5G Teacher