On Sunday, September 8th, our three competitive cheerleading teams competed at the AASCF States, on the Gold Coast, Australia. We are proud of our teams and their commitment to the sport. The teams achieved the following results:

• Pink Reign, Primary Level 2 – 3rd Place
• Purple Reign, Primary Level 1 – 5th Place
• Black Reign, Secondary Level 3 – 1st Place – Runner up Grand Champions

With such great feed back from the judges, regarding our program and athletes, we are proud to have these students represent our school. Thank you to the parents who so diligently drop off, collect and watch their children compete. It is encouraging to see the care and support displayed in the ‘Groves section’ of the bleachers at these events.

Aussie Gold International is coming up on the Gold Coast on Saturday, October 5. Teams competing include, Pink Reign, Purple Reign and Black Reign, Please check your inbox for an update of times and meeting locations, or contact the College if you need to confirm any details for the day.

Victoria Williamson
Cheer and Dance Coach

Ref: 22173SH