The College has been recently advised of a limited number of chickenpox cases at our school. When we receive reports such as this which may be relevant to other families, we endeavour to share some basic information to support you in caring for your child.

Therefore, please see below for care advice from Queensland Health regarding this matter:

  • Condition: Chickenpox
  • Possible signs: Chickenpox starts with cold-like symptoms such as a mild fever, headache, runny nose and cough. A day or 2 later a rash begins, starting as small pink blotches, but rapidly progressing to itchy blisters which usually last 3 – 4 days before drying out and turning into scabs.
  • Attendance advice: Students confirmed with Chickenpox must be excluded from school until all the blisters have dried, which usually occurs 5 days after the rash first appears.

In order to return to school, written medical clearance is required to be given upon return.

Please remember that any instance of health concern for your child is best addressed by your family GP or another health professional.

Our First Aid staff can only offer basic treatment and direct you to experts for their professional opinion. If you have questions about observations at school we can support with that information, but please seek guidance from your GP for any serious condition.

QLD Health Fact Sheet – Chickenpox


Mel Crouch
First Aid & Administration Officer

Ref: 22214NC