After doing some research and browsing garden ideas online, the children made a dream board from a photo of the bare garden in our playground. With their dream project photos cut and glued on top in their desired locations, together we made a Bunnings materials list and waited for the delivery to arrive. When the delivery men came, all of the children were VERY excited to get started! GLOVES ON! Over the course of two days we pulled weeds, dug trenches, pegged and hammered weed mat, laid AstroTurf, and placed rocks and other various materials for our borders and sensory path. Our ‘Dino Garden’ was completed by planting some tomatoes and lettuce for one of our students guinea pigs and the re-potting of our potato plant that had sprouted from our potato people earlier in the year.

It was truly amazing to see how our Kindy friends worked together, to result in a wonderful garden that can now be utilised by the food and learning through play.

Beatrice Nagel
Kindergarten Teacher

Ref: 22162VO