This term, Year One students are continuing to learn their ILR (I Love Reading) vowel sounds to assist them with spelling in literacy. Each week the students have been learning alternative spelling combinations for the 22 vowel sounds. They have been introduced to new ways of spelling each vowel sound; for example, the number 2 ‘e’ sound can also be made with the letter combinations ‘ea’ as in the word ‘head’ or ‘ai’ as in the word ‘said’. Students are given opportunities to practise their learning in lots of fun ways to consolidate their knowledge of sounds. Practising is always fun and can involve many different resources including creating sounds and words out of play dough, matchsticks or pom poms, or using fingers to form letters in kinetic sand. Year 1 students are having a great time developing their sound knowledge and applying this in their writing tasks.

Claire O’Brien
1O Teacher

Ref: 22025AM