In Week 3, on Friday, Foundation students continued to learn about the life of David in their weekly Chapel. They discovered how jealous King Saul was of David since David was very effective in all tasks he was given to complete, including fighting for the King in his army. “In everything he did he had great success, because the Lord was with him” 1 Samuel 18:14. Students were reminded that they may be challenged with feelings of jealousy towards others, or other people may feel jealous about the blessings and favour God gives to his people which includes talents, gifts and abilities. However, when God is on our side, we become successful and can get through all things, including our emotions.

On Monday, Week 4, students from Year 1 and 2 gathered for their weekly Assembly while the Prep students were out on their excursion to the Railway Museum. Awards were presented to students who made commending efforts in their learning. The ‘Class of the Week’ was awarded to 1O for helping their peers and teacher during lesson times. We had some guests from I Love Reading (ILR) join us in our Assembly, Curious Clyde, Miss Quokka, Sneaky Sam and Gopher Green. They reminded all students how they can help them to become great detectives, to never give up, to use their creativity well and to check for mistakes when reading. Students from 2F and their teacher concluded our Assembly with prayer.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase