In Week 2, on Friday, students explored the life of David from the Bible during the Foundation Phase Chapel. The Bible scripture focused on 1 Samuel 16:7 – “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”. The drama skit demonstrated how Jesse’s sons had outward appearances which made them seem fit to be the future king, however, God was pleased with David’s heart and he was the chosen and anointed son who would be the king. Students were encouraged to ignore negative comments about their appearances that they may succumb to, but instead, remember that God looks at the heart. Some creative students and teachers expressed what the focused scripture meant to them through beautiful colours and pictures, and their artwork is currently displayed in the Prep eating area and the Foundation Undercover area. Students sang and danced joyfully to God with songs of praise and worship.

On Monday of Week 3, Foundation Phase students started the week by celebrating the Foundation Choir students who performed at the Quota Beenleigh City of Logan Eisteddfod and received a ‘Highly Commended’ award. During the Foundation Assembly, these students received choir ribbons for their excellent performance and dedication. Students from Prep to Year 2 who have demonstrated good learning skills and effort received ‘Encouragement’ and ‘Student of the Week’ certificates. The ‘Class of the Week’ award went to 2H for welcoming their newest class member with warmth and for being helpful. Tiana from 1M, was our Reading Hero and she shared a short reading from a Dr Seuss book, “Wacky Wednesday”. The problem-solving skit reminded students to be resourceful in class and have a go at solving problems independently, before asking the teacher for support. Foundation Phase Assembly was concluded with prayer from Prep T students.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase