Over the past few weeks the Indigenous students at Groves Christian College have attended excursions to Dreamworld Corroboree and Berrinba Wetlands. Everyone enjoyed the cultural activities immensely, which had been planned by the Senior QATSIF indigenous scholarship students. The “Big Brother, Big Sister” program involves the Senior students guiding the younger mob along their journey and helping individuals find their identity.

The activities at Corroboree included the history of the Gold Coast, Torres Strait Islander history, weaponry, fire making, Didgeridoo playing, and wearing traditional ochre on the face and dancing. It was such a wonderful atmosphere with everyone splitting into groups and then going for some exhilarating rides, after a delicious lunch.

During the time at Berrinba Wetlands, we were blessed to take in the beautiful scenery and then sitting around the ‘Yarning circle’ listening to my grandmother Ruth tell us a story about “Mussel and Kangaroo.” Some of the activities we undertook consisted of learning the language (counting to ten and learning simple sentences), myths and legends, painting boomerangs with the traditional symbols, and playing traditional games with Uncle Barry. One of the highlights was our lunch where we feasted on crocodile, kangaroo, bush damper, fruit, honey, crackers and salami and more scrumptious food.

We would like to personally thank Uncle Barry and Communities for Children for sponsoring these awesome educational trips. We are most grateful that this is the beginning of even greater things to come.

Lydia Opperman
Year 11 QATSIF Student Leader