At Groves, we endeavour to equip student with the skills to become confident, independent and life-long learners. These skills are not only developed through academic experiences but through various opportunities where students can engage with the community. We embrace culture and diversity and teach our students the importance of belonging and being inclusive while having a positive impact in the community around them.  Consequently, students learn to understand that their purpose in life is meaningful and influences other people.

Here are just a few examples from the year of how our Groves family adds to the community and is itself enriched as a result:

  • Groves Community Fair: We recently celebrated our annual Groves Community Fair where students and teachers welcomed families of the College and others from our local area to the school, interacting with one another and promoting positive relationships while enjoying the fun and festivities of the Fair.
  • Foundation Grandparents Day: Through a concert and morning tea, students honoured their grandparents for the support and investment they continually pour into the lives of their grandchildren, in turn being encouraged by the guests who were able to share this special day.
  • Harmony Day Chapel: A variety of cultures in our College were celebrated through a performance of items and classroom activities, and students learned about different countries and cultures that share the world God has created for us.
  • The Plains Retirement Village visit: Primary students present a Christmas concert to the residents of The Plains Retirement Village through a group sing-along. In their 2018 visit they also gave special gifts and interacted with the attendees to share their talents and excitement for the Christmas season.
  • Secondary Jukebox Charity Dance: Secondary students raised money to support Tear Australia which helps people overcome poverty by equipping others to lead development initiatives. Their generosity makes an immediate impact through resources for the charity, while also nurturing attitudes of social justice and kindness to people beyond their local area.
  • International Visits: Students from abroad annually visit Groves classrooms to be immersed in an Australian school community, to interact with our students and practice their English language. Our students are coached in cultural awareness, and develop selflessness and consideration of their guests while learning about the lives of children outside Australia.

These and many other events are woven into the ‘fabric’ of our College and offer practical opportunities for our students to develop the values, virtues and character traits that form Our Vision at Groves. Thank you to all the staff, students and families who contribute to events such as these to make our College such a rich and vibrant community.

Some upcoming events to look forward to:

Week 6:

  • Book Week where students celebrate the theme “Reading is my Secret Power’ to promote the importance of reading books.
  • Year 7 trip to Sydney/Canberra.

Week 7:

  • Primary Musical, “Happily Forever After” – Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 August.
  • Father’s Day Chapel will be held to honour all fathers and male figures who play a significant role in the lives of our students on Friday 30 August.

Please remember that next Monday, August 12 is the Logan Show holiday and the College will be closed.

Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. 1 Peter 3:8

Ash Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase