In Week 9, on Friday, Foundation Phase students and staff celebrated God during Chapel with songs of praise and worship, led by our Year 3 Groovy Grovers. The drama skit for the week enabled students to learn about Amy Beatrice Carmichael, a courageous and caring missionary who faced some big challenges and moved to India. She shared the message of God everywhere she travelled and never stopped doing God’s work. Chapel was concluded with prayer as we thanked God that we can do all things through His strength.

On Monday of Week 10, Foundation Phase had their final Assembly for the term, celebrating students’ achievements through weekly certificates. Students who reached 250 points in the Affirmation Program, demonstrating positive behaviour, were acknowledged for their efforts. Those who had examplary behaviour for the whole semester were awarded a special certificate from our Head of Primary, Mrs Hindle. Our Reading Heroes, Deborah and Shekinah from 3T read their favourite paragraph to their peers and displayed their reading abilities since they have visited our Reading Club over 40 times! The problem-skit, acted out by teachers reminded students how to respond to their peers during play time when faced with situations where sharing, taking turns and inclusiveness is required. Students from Prep P concluded our Assembly with prayer, thanking God in advance for safe holidays ahead.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase