In Weeks 5 and 6, Year 1 students went to Woolworths to take part in a ‘Kids Fresh Food Discovery Tour’. They were able to learn about different fruits and vegetables, including where they come from and how they help our bodies. The students went behind the scenes and walked through the back rooms of Woolworths where they completed some fun and exciting activities.

First, students wore a hat and put on a green apron to officially make them ‘fresh food kids’. Next, they played a game where the tour guide held a fruit or vegetable above one of our staff’s head. The students were required to describe the item so that a correct guess was given. Finally, all students went on a scavenger hunt through the fresh food section to find different fruits and vegetables according to the clues given.

Overall, Year 1 students had a wonderful time becoming ‘fresh food kids’.

Nicole Watson
Year 1 Team Leader