Assessment and exams are not intended to push you to your breaking point or to create anxiety. It is an opportunity for students to share an understanding on the learning intentions and criteria for success, provide feedback that moves the learner forward and to activate students as the owners of their learning.

This term, students have been involved in many exciting units of learning. At this point they are involved in a range of assessment opportunities to display their level of understanding and progression in their learning. Through this period students need to focus on the character trait of self-control.

Self-control is not only about controlling your behaviours and actions. It involves discipline, patience and perseverance. We encourage our students to apply this to their learning journey, especially during assessment periods. Students need to be disciplined in their study habits, be patient when learning or applying new concepts and persevere until success.

It is important for our students to have a range of support during their schooling. At Groves we continue to encourage families to maintain a partnership with our College, especially the teachers your children are connected with.  Our Home class teachers are always ready to hear from you.

As assessment tasks and exams conclude, we are excited to see each child’s individual growth in their learning.

And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can?’ All things are possible to him who believes”. Mark 9:23



Vanessa Osborne
Head of Quality Schooling