Maintaining connections

Term Two is one of my favourite times in the school year, and not just because I enjoy the cool change when Autumn finally arrives. In a school setting it is the time when the classes are established and formed into cohesive learning communities, and families have formed meaningful partnerships with the classroom teachers. Across the College the students will have formed routines and relationships with their friends and teachers, and productive learning and growth start to be really apparent.

In the Primary School we also have opportunity to share many activities which celebrate our beautiful and unique community, such as Mother’s Day chapels, Grandparent’s Day and the Year 6 Winter Ball. There are many milestones and memories during Term 2 which are integral to a successful and enjoyable school experience for families and children alike.

Central to this experience is the communication and partnership between home and school. Two of the foundational traits in Our Vision at Groves are Integrity and Truth, and as such these principals underpin the experience in our College. We ask that students pursue their Personal Best and demonstrate a Spirit of Excellence in their endeavours, be they academic or co-curricular. It is our pleasure to showcase these achievements in our College News each week. We also model and encourage the priority of Truth, valuing Dignity and Respect for all, and seek to keep open communication with families about instances when challenges may arise for students.

Term Two may be a time when students become weary of studies or activities, and struggle with motivation or participation. We find that communication and partnership with teachers is a key step in supporting students through difficult seasons, helping them find success and enjoyment in their learning journey. The recent Parent-Teacher Interviews were one opportunity for families to connect with the school staff, and we hope these events were helpful for families who could attend. Please continue to connect with our teaching team in the term ahead through emails, diary communication, phone calls or face-to-face conversations, so that we can maintain shared goals and support for your children in their learning at Groves. Our Parent and Student Handbook is another avenue to accessing information about Groves that can assist in working through situations, and we encourage families to browse this resource if they are seeking support in a particular area.

We look forward to continuing to share the journey of College life with your family in the weeks and terms ahead, and especially hope to see families join us for the special upcoming events for which our students are eagerly preparing. Thank you for choosing to partner with us at Groves, as we work together to help each child achieve their Personal Best and flourish in the gifts and talents given to them by God.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

Susan Hindle
Head of Primary School