In Week 9, on Friday, for our final Chapel of the term, Foundation Phase students and staff honoured and thanked all those who worked together to make our Chapels possible for the term as they planned songs, wrote skits, acted and set up props. Our special agent, Pink Emu reminded us that Jesus came to earth as he had a mission to accomplish. He came to share the Father’s love with everyone and died on the cross to forgive our sins. Now, it’s our mission to share the good news. We sang songs of praise to God and concluded chapel with prayer, thanking God for a productive term and asking for his protection over the holidays.

In Week 10, on Monday, Foundation Phase students gathered in the Undercover area for the Assembly and shared their excitement of the upcoming holidays. Award certificates were presented to students and the ‘Class of the Week’ was awarded to 3J for doing an outstanding job during their NAPLAN practice session. The ‘Servant Leader’ award was presented to Kodan from 1S for demonstrating leadership qualities and encouraging others to make smart choices. Debby from Year 3 read a section of one her favourite books to everyone since she has visited and participated in Reading Club over 20 times. Students from Year 2 concluded our Assembly, thanking God for safe holidays.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase