The wheels are in motion with rehearsals being run, costumes created and set designs constructed all in preparation for our Primary Musical ‘Happily Forever After.’

The main cast have shown wonderful commitment to learning their lines and coming to rehearsals with enthusiasm and excitement! They are all desperate to try their costumes on to really become their character – they are going to look fabulous!

With support from Miss Hannah Grigg and Miss Victoria Williamson, classes from Years 3-6 have all been rehearsing their class song and dance routine that will tie into the story. Also in costume, these students will take us back to the medieval times in style!

Tickets for our 2 shows will go on sale mid Term Two, so remember to lock in the dates:

  • Wednesday, August 28; 5-7pm
  • Thursday, August 29; 5-7pm

Deb Smith
Intermediate Phase Arts Teacher