This term in The Arts, Year 2 students have been exploring the foundations of music formation. Each week they have enjoyed travelling to another country to listen, analyse and connect with traditional music from that culture. It has been a thrill to see the students walk into the class excited to fill another page of their Music Passport! Our travels have been guided by their requests. Most cultures represented from within the cohort have been included!

To complete this unit, each class is divided into groups to create a story with music cues. The students have buzzed as their creative minds have been ignited!

Here is what students have had to say about creating soundscapes to stories:

  • “It felt fun and joyful because we get to tell the story with our bodies.” Wonder
  • “It felt fun, we get to make sounds which we usually don’t get to do.” Cadence
  • “It felt a little happy because everyone joined along.” Sophia
  • “Singing made me happy because God was in my heart singing with me.” Blaze
  • “It was exciting. It’s like we are all inside the water and jungle in the pages.” Jesse
  • “It feels like we are in the book and we are in the jungle and ocean.” Brax

Kialyn Wassenberg
Director of Arts