On Friday, Week 8, for Chapel, students from Foundation were very excited to see what the skit character, Pink Emu, had to show them about Jesus. The three clues were a torch, a lighthouse and a candle. Students were encouraged to shine Jesus’ light and share His love towards everyone. The Good News of Jesus should be shared boldly like a lighthouse which shares its light across miles. Students praised and worshipped God with singing and dancing and Chappy Jeff concluded with prayer.

On Monday, Week 9, for our Assembly, students were awarded their certificates of achievement and the ‘Class of the Week’ was presented to 1S. The ‘Servant Leader’ certificate was awarded to Savali from 3H for being considerate towards her peers during the Year 3 excursion. Our problem-solving skit demonstrated how to show respect towards staff members during play time. Students from 2B concluded our Assembly with prayer, seeking God and His guidance for the day.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase