On Friday, Week 7, we began our Foundation Chapel with prayer, thanking God for the rain which was needed after a lengthy period of hot weather. We discussed what the ‘National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence’ meant and encouraged all students to talk to a staff member, parent or their peers if they are aware of someone who repeatedly uses their power to upset the safety, belongings and health of others. This topic was demonstrated through a short clip where students were encouraged to embrace inclusiveness in groups and to be kind and considerate towards others. The Groovy Grovers team led praise to God through uplifting songs. Our skit character, Pink Emu, and the agent reminded everyone that we have free access to God because Jesus died on the cross and when we have access, we can receive all of God’s wonderful gifts. We concluded our Chapel with prayer as we thanked God for accepting us and sending His Son on the cross.

On Monday, Week 8, after our Foundation Phase students beautifully sang the National Anthem for the Assembly, students received their achievement certificates. The ‘Class of the Week’ was awarded to 2B. We handed out S.R.C badges to our Student Representative Council members from Year 2 and 3 and congratulated them for being nominated to represent their peers to school leaders. S.R.C students gather responses about different topics from their peers in class and meet with the Head of Foundation Phase to discuss the feedback received. Miss Quokka from our ILR (I Love Reading) Program visited us during our Assembly again, reminding students to encourage their peers during reading sessions. By being helpful to students who find reading challenging, we can support them to develop their reading skills confidently. Students from 2H concluded our Assembly with prayer and asked God to heal their sick peers.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase

Ref: 18508SH