On Friday, March 1, Foundation students gathered together in the MPC for our Week 5 Chapel. We celebrated the students’ birthdays as well as two teachers who also had a birthday in Week 5. Two students led everyone in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for the special occasion. Our Groovy Grovers helped to create an exciting atmosphere where we all praised God with our songs of praise. For the skit, our favourite character, the agent, reminded us that God gives each person gifts to serve others. We can serve people around us locally, without always having to go to another country. Our gifts can be used to serve our families, friends and neighbours. We concluded our Chapel with a song and Chappy Jeff prayed, thanking God for his goodness and for His gifts to us.

The Week 6 Foundation Assembly on Monday, March 4 started with students proudly singing the National Anthem. Our Director of Sports, Mr Priestley had some exciting news to tell us about Cross Country taking place on Tuesday, Week 7. Students were reminded about bringing their hats, water bottle and excitement on the day. We honoured students with certificates for their learning achievements and the ‘Class of the Week’ trophy was presented to 3J for cooperating with their teacher during swimming lessons and helping their peers. Students from 1W prayed, asking God to protect their peers who would be swimming for the week.

Thank you to all the parents who are joining us for these morning whole-phase events and encouraging our students. We welcome all Foundation families who are able to attend and be part of these Foundation Phase community activities.

Ashwina Milburn
Head of Foundation Phase

Ref: 18239SH